Thoughtful layouts and generous space planning also means ”right-sizing” for all your furniture needs. Functional and fashionable units range from 1 bedroom to 2 bedroom + den spacious floorplan layouts.

Capri II

Interior 620 Sq. Ft.

Capri III

Interior 620 Sq. Ft.

Milano III

Interior 740 Sq. Ft.

Milano IV

Interior 765 Sq. Ft.

Milano V

Interior 785 Sq. Ft.

Milano VI

Interior 680 Sq. Ft.

Napoli I

Interior 805 Sq. Ft.

Napoli V

Interior 880 Sq. Ft.

Napoli VI

Interior 910 Sq. Ft.

Napoli VIII

Interior 985 Sq. Ft.

Napoli IX

Interior 1000 Sq. Ft.

Napoli XI

Interior 1010 Sq. Ft.

Napoli XII

Interior 905 Sq. Ft.

Napoli XIII

Interior 970 Sq. Ft.

Penthouse II

Interior 1085 Sq. Ft.

Penthouse III

Interior 1125 Sq. Ft.

Penthouse V

Interior 1235 Sq. Ft.

Penthouse VI

Interior 1235 Sq. Ft.

Penthouse XI

Interior 1235 Sq. Ft.

Siena I

Interior 950 Sq. Ft.

Siena II

Interior 945 Sq. Ft.